My Emergency Feeding Gift

for Poor Holocaust Survivors

We have received an emergency appeal from the State of Israel asking for your help with Holocaust survivors. These children of the Holocaust are now in their 80s and 90s, and most of them have lots of pre-existing conditions.
With the incredible spread of COVID, especially with this new variant across the State of Israel, it is not possible for them to leave their homes. A large number of Holocaust survivors are impoverished. They don’t have loved ones to help them. The only way they survive is by going to shelters where they can have meals and get medicine and meet other needs, but they can’t take that risk now.
Because of the virus, the only way these precious Holocaust survivors are going to survive is if we go to their homes and bring them the food and the medicine and other things they might need.
Please, please send an emergency gift today. The needs of the Friends of Zion Heritage Center are enormous. We cannot close our hearts, our eyes, and our hands to the cries of these precious souls.


YES, Dr. Evans, I want to do my part to make sure poor Holocaust survivors don’t go hungry during the pandemic and support the work of the Jerusalem Prayer Team in Israel and around the world.

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