Powerful demonic spirits are at work in the world, and they have blinded the mind of world leaders to the evil Iran is doing…and the even greater evil they are plotting. It is a proven fact that Iran is the leading sponsor of terrorism in the world. I was in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983 when a Hezbollah terrorist, armed and trained by Iran blew up the barracks killing more than 240 American Marines that I had preached the Gospel to just the day before

Iran has repeatedly violated the UN and international treaties and restrictions on their nuclear weapons program. They have bought and sold weapons of murderous warfare in defiance of international law. They are working on an illegal nuclear weapons program and the ballistic missiles necessary to launch nuclear warheads across the world. Iran has lied, cheated and broken every promise made…including the JCOPA they signed with the Obama Administration back in 2015.

Yet the leaders of the world, including President Biden are trying to revive that deal—a deal that wouldn’t have stopped Iran even if they kept they word (which they didn’t)–which leaves Israel facing a deadly threat.

There is only one possible explanation for such foolish behavior. The demonic spirits behind the government of Iran are blinding the eyes of the world.

The leaders of Iran are “twelvers” following a branch of Islam that believes a twisting version of the Second Coming of the Lord where a bloody war will bring about the return of the twelfth imam and place the entire world under Islamic rule.

They do not fear a war—they want one! Now imagine nuclear weapons in the hands of such men. It is a recipe for disaster. Iran is the largest supporter of terrorism in the world, and they are about to become much more powerful.

If there was ever a time that we needed to stand for and with the Jewish people, it is now. If we do not fight this battle, who will? Who will stand up to these modern-day Pharaohs, Hamans, Goliaths, and Herods? Who will hear God’s call and respond, “Here am I, send me”? Will you take that stand today?

God has uniquely called and equipped the Jerusalem Prayer Team for this prophetic moment. Because we have been working to bless and the defend the Jewish people, feeding poor Holocaust survivors, opening a community center in Jerusalem, operating the Friends of Zion Museum and more, and with my decades of friendship with Israeli leaders, we have a special standing and stature in the Jewish state.

Your gift today will allow us to do all we can to prepare for a future war, and to continue our other work all around the world. The Friends of Zion Museum, the program to deliver food to thousands of poor Holocaust survivors each week, the great global prayer effort and so much more are all made possible by the faithful support of friends like you.

YES, Dr. Evans, I want to join with you in defense of the Jewish state and the Jewish people in these days of threat and crisis.

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