How important is prayer to you? I’m sure you’ve been amazed just as I have looking back at how many prayers have been answered. What would your response be if you were told you could not pray, and someone did everything in their power to keep you from praying?
I’m sure I know the answer. You would stand up to that person and under no circumstance would you surrender your right to pray. Prayer is one of the most precious gifts God has ever given us.
More than 50 years ago, the Lord gave me the assignment to birth a prayer movement, the Jerusalem Prayer Team, because no wars are won in the physical realm until they’re fought and won in the spirit realm.
But the Enemy is never happy when Believers pray because prayer unleashes the power of God into our world. That’s why our Facebook page was attacked: to silence 77 million Believers, the largest prayer movement in the history of the world, and the largest religious Facebook page in the world who were uniting in prayer.
We must never allow our ministry to be put in the hands of a godless organization like Facebook.
That’s why I’m so excited to tell you that the Lord has opened a miracle window for us to purchase the property next to the Friends of Zion Center campus. It will cost us $3.9 million, a reasonable price for such a piece of property in Jerusalem, the most expensive real estate on earth. We need this property to house a prayer platform that no outside group will be able to stop us from utilizing social media for the power of prayer.
I have met with top government leaders in Israel and told them that I will be delighted to partner with them so that our social network platform can also be used to assist the State of Israel. Israel has to fight ideological wars, and the only way to fight them is through the utilization of social networks and the smartphone…that is the new battlefield of the modern world. That’s what this new initiative will be able to achieve.
Your gift for the Jerusalem Prayer Team today will have an eternal impact. The Spirit of the Lord is saying to me right now the gift you give is going to echo throughout eternity. There’s nothing more powerful than the power of prayer.
You and I are changing not just the present, but the future. When God gave me the vision for this work, He told me this is a 100-year plan. What you are investing in will be salt and light to the nation of Israel not just for ten or twenty years but for a century…and for eternity.
God is not calling us to do something temporary or short-lived. He is calling us to do something that will last for decades to come…and will echo into eternity. Today we are asking for your help as we work to complete the purchase of the property to provide a home for a social media platform the godless cannot silence. And of course, we are continuing to deliver food to thousands of poor Holocaust survivors, operate the Friends of Zion Museum, and so much more.


YES, Dr. Evans, I want to be part of the miracle work God is doing around the world through the Jerusalem Prayer Team.

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