“For Such a Time as This”

We urgently need your help right now.  With the drums of war beating in Ukraine, we are increasing our efforts to help the poor Holocaust survivors and Jewish orphans who live there.  At this moment of crisis and danger, we have the opportunity to make a real difference and show these precious people true Christian love in action before it is too late.   We are the only Christian ministry working full-time in Ukraine caring for impoverished Holocaust survivors and Jewish orphans.  The Chief Rabbi of Kiev wants to stockpile food and cots in his city so Holocaust survivors can escape to his synagogue and survive.  He’s asking for help.
Truly we are doing a great work for God…blessing what He wants to bless.  Your generous gift today will touch the lives of poor Holocaust survivors and Jewish orphans in Ukraine, in Israel, and all around the world.
Please respond with your generous gift today so that we can help meet the needs in Ukraine and continue the rest of our vital work all around the world.


YES, Dr. Evans, I want to do my part to help poor Holocaust survivors in Ukraine and in Israel and be part of all that the Jerusalem Prayer Team is doing around the world.

My special gift is: