Reaching Out in Love to God’s Chosen People

Our teams in Ukraine are risking their very lives to get Holocaust survivors out and to bring food to starving Jews and Christians. One Christian teenage girl told us that the Chechens had come into their village and marked the number of family members on every house, took their passports, took their cell phones, raped the young girls, and began murdering the adults, throwing them in a mass grave. That teenager with her mother ran in the dark for seven hours through the woods with no light to escape.
The suffering of people in Ukraine right now is beyond description.  We must do all that we can to help in this time of danger and despair. In addition, we are working to help those in danger leave the country and move to Israel.  And of course, we are continuing all of our work in Israel to bless the people there as well.
Your generous support makes all of this possible, and we are asking you to rush your best gift for these urgent needs.


YES, Dr. Evans, I want to be part of what the Jerusalem Prayer Team is doing to help the people of Ukraine and bless and defend Jewish people around the world.

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