Doing My Part for “The Least of These”

Dr. Evans was the first evangelical Christian ever asked to lead the March of the Living. He is seen here with Polish President Andrzej Duda (the man in the purple tie surrounded by security guards). This picture was taken as they passed under the infamous “Work Makes You Free” sign at the entrance to Auschwitz. The elderly gentleman in the front is a Holocaust survivor who is wearing a replica of the uniform he was given to wear as a prisoner at the death camp.

The people of Ukraine are suffering incredible hardship because of the Russian invasion. The elderly Holocaust survivors are some of the worst hit by the terrors of war. Together we are working to help get them out before it is too late and to provide food and other emergency supplies to churches and synagogues across the country. Your generous gift today makes this and everything else we are doing around the world a reality.

Please give so that we can help while there is still time.


YES, Dr. Evans, I agree with you that it is time for action.
I stand with you in the urgent cause of rescuing poor
Holocaust survivors and feeding hungry people in Ukraine.