Help defend the front lines in the raging battle against God’s Chosen People.

The nation of Israel stands in the crosshairs of enemies on every side. And the grim reality is that the Jewish state is being abandoned by many nations that once were friends and allies. That means it is even more important that God’s people take our stand as watchmen on the walls of the Holy City.

Please make your voice heard at a time when Israel is under attack. It is up to us to:
Show our leaders where we stand.

Convey support to the people of Israel.

Share with other Believers the need for us to support God’s Chosen People.

The Jerusalem Prayer Team is not only lending our voice and our support to the cause of defending Israel, but we are actively showing true Christian love to the Jewish people:

We are heavily involved in helping the Holocaust survivors of Israel. Nearly 180,000 of these precious people who endured unspeakable horror are still alive, and many of them are living in desperate poverty without the food, medicine, and safe housing they need.

We have renovated a massive bomb shelter in Jerusalem into a community center that offers free food and other aid.

We are delivering food to over 3,000 Holocaust survivors in Haifa each week.

In addition, we are operating the first Christian museum in the nation of Israel—a place where thousands of Jewish people come each day to see and hear the true story of Christian love…a place where they learn that they are not alone.

Will you join us in the fight?

When you send your gift of $30 or more, we will send you a special Friends of Zion travel mug, which also serves as a wonderful prayer reminder.

If you send a gift of $60 or more, we will also send you a lovely Star of David bracelet, a striking way for you to display your support of God’s Chosen People.

And if you are able to give $100 or more, we will also send you an authentic Ram’s Horn Shofar, symbolizing the call to worship…and to battle.

Your generous gift today will touch the lives of so many in need and will be used to defend and support God’s Chosen People.

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The Jerusalem Prayer Team with Dr. Michael D. Evans exists to build Friends of Zion to guard defend and protect the Jewish people and to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. We pray for peace in Jerusalem because the Scriptures tell us to in Psalm 122:6. The Jerusalem Prayer Team was inspired from the 100-year long prayer meeting for the restoration of Israel held in the ten Boom family home in Haarlem, Holland. We are committed to encouraging others to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and God's Chosen People. The Jerusalem Prayer Team mailing address is PO BOX 30000 Phoenix, AZ 85046 or you can call us at 1-888-966-8472. The Jerusalem Prayer Team is a dba of the Corrie ten Boom Fellowship. The Corrie ten Boom Fellowship is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization and is registered with the IRS, Fed Tax ID# 75-2671293. All donations to CTBF (less the value of any products or services received) are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Donations made to the Jerusalem Prayer Team are put to work immediately and are not refundable.