Thank you for your response and for your generosity to the Jerusalem Prayer Team.

Your response and generous giving helps people like Naomi. I imagine there were many smiles on that day in Hungary when she was born. The date was 2/22/22. What an auspicious beginning for a doctor’s little daughter!

I want you to know that Naomi is not some fictional person. She is a very real person, and the story you are about to read is her story of pain, heartache, and survival.

When she was a little girl, the Russians took over Hungary and carted her father, the doctor, off to the labor camps.

Then came the Nazis.

The rest of the family was herded into the second train bound for Auschwitz. It was a train normally used to transport cattle. They squeezed 72 men, women, and children into a single car, with a bucket in the corner to be used as a toilet.

At the Hungarian border, soldiers shouted at them:

“Jewish whores! Give us all your money and gold — you’re going to die anyway!”

When old people died on the way, the Jews weren’t allowed to push the bodies out. “We had to ride with them till we arrived to Auschwitz,” Naomi remembers.

At Auschwitz, the monster Josef Mengele met them. He chose who would live and who would die. He told Naomi’s grandma to step aside. Her aunt refused to leave her mother. “Go with her then,” Mengele said.

They were both taken to the gas chambers. They were not alone. The four largest gas chambers at Auschwitz could hold 2,000 people at a time.

While at Auschwitz, Naomi’s mother died of hunger. Naomi, just a young girl, was forced to carry loads of bricks on her back.

She saw unspeakable atrocities — so gruesome that I cannot write them here. You would recoil in horror.

Naomi survived on the standard diet: “Breakfast” was a bowl of water (called “soup”), and in the evening, a piece of dry bread.

“In the soup there was a piece of potato at times,” Naomi remembers, “or a piece of white beet — which was bitter and terrible.”

She was desperate for food. One day she saw a horse eating a beet. “I took the beet out of his mouth and ate it.”

The winter was brutal: 19 degrees below zero. Naomi’s shoes were wooden clogs. The pain in her feet was excruciating.

By the time Auschwitz was liberated, Naomi had been starved so badly that the muscles in her legs were ruined.   She had to learn to walk all over again, like a toddler.

In the messy aftermath of the war, with the U.S. and Russia moving from allies to enemies, Naomi — a Hungarian citizen — ended up as a victim again, this time of Stalin. She spent a year in a Romanian prison.

But finally — freedom.

She knew where she wanted to go.

To build a new life. To find a husband and have a family and finally — finally — have hope. A future.



She made her way to the Holy Land. She worked hard. She sacrificed. She was a good wife, a good mother.

But today, at the age of 92, she is alone again.

So again the question is asked … “Can we do more?” “Can we ignore the cries of the needy?”

Some might be able to turn away from a 92-year-old woman, I suppose. But I can’t. She is a daughter of Israel. She represents God’s Chosen People. She is a survivor — and she is worthy of our help.

She is worth bestowing dignity upon.

She doesn’t have a home worthy of her. She doesn’t have a home worthy of any human being … especially not someone who has gone through what she has gone through.

I am asking you to give again to help me help her … and thousands of others.

These Holocaust victims have suffered all through life, but we can still give them a comfortable home. Not something big and fancy — it will be a small place. But it will be clean, fresh, and new. It will be warm and sanitary.

We will lift their burden and bring a sense of peace and rest to their souls, for what may be the first time in their lives.

We will show these dear, elderly Holocaust survivors the touch of God’s love.

And as we do, we will also demonstrate to Israel and to the world what true Christian love is all about.

We will bless Israel … and we will be blessed.

I am asking you to give any amount, large or small, and I can assure you that any tax-deductible contribution you make to Jerusalem Prayer Team today, I will spend on renovating and remodeling a little home for someone like Naomi.

And I want to thank you personally.

When you send your gift of $30 or more, I will send you a beautiful Friends of Zion Olive Wood Pen. The olive tree is so much a part of Israel’s history and economy even today. This laser-engraved pen is a beautiful writing implement, but far more, it will be a constant prayer reminder to you as you use it throughout the day. You will also receive an American and Israeli Flag Lapel Pin. This striking pin features brightly colored American and Israeli flags side- by-side, bordered in gold.

If you are able to send your gift of $60 or more, I will send you the Bible Promise Box. You may remember someone in your family having one. This box is filled with small cards that contain God’s promises for your life that you can select and read each day. This is a wonderful way to receive a daily dose of God’s Word year after year. You will also receive the Olive Wood Pen and the American and Israeli Flag Lapel Pin.

If you are able to send a special gift of $100 or more, I will send you a beautiful full-color afghan featuring the United States’ and Israel’s flags over the city of Jerusalem and the words of God to the prophet Isaiah, “Comfort ye, comfort ye My people” (Isaiah 40:1). As you help us care for these elderly men and women today, I will rush you this beautiful keepsake. I know that the afghan will quickly become one of your favorites as it provides warmth in both your home and your heart. You will also receive the Bible Promise Box, the Olive Wood Pen, and the American and Israeli Flag Lapel Pin.

Whatever you’re able to give today, we will put it to work immediately to feed elderly Holocaust survivors every single day and renovate their housing units, bringing them up to clean, modern, and comfortable standards.

I don’t know what else to say to you. There is no way to “undo” the horrors these precious elderly people suffered as children … and for decades since then.

But we can do right by them today.

We can bless Israel today.

We can say, “I stand with the Jewish people” today.

Please help me reach out to them with God’s love. Let them sense the care and compassion of Jesus, their Messiah.

Thank you in advance. God bless you richly! Yours for Israel, 

Michael David Evans.

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