I Want to Be Part of the Miracle

Dear Friend,

I just hung up from one of the most amazing phone calls of my life. It is a HUGE miracle. Viktor, the director of our operation in Ukraine just told me that Samaritan’s Purse is going to donate 22 trailers, each filled with 20 tons of food and supplies…that’s almost a million pounds of food, worth over $1 million!

All we have to do is get the trucks and the drivers to deliver them. Imagine how many people will be helped! Imagine how many lives will be saved. Imagine how much hope will come to those in urgent need.

It’s very important to realize that although Ukraine isn’t at the top of the news every day anymore like it was almost six months ago when the Russian invasion started, the brutal and intense fighting is still going on. Every day bombs are falling, missiles are being launched, artillery is roaring, and people are struggling to survive.

There are millions of refugees who were forced to flee their homes. So many churches have opened their doors, using their Sunday school classrooms and basements as makeshift shelters. Everyone hoped that the war would be over quickly and life could start to return to normal.

That hasn’t happened.

And frankly none of us knows how long the fighting will continue. But what we do know is that there are people with no food…no medicine…no emergency supplies…and no hope…unless we bring it to them.

So why did this miracle happen now? Why did Samaritan’s Purse offer to provide this massive amount of food?

It’s because we’ve been in Ukraine for a decade, feeding Holocaust survivors and orphans. It’s because we were the first U.S. ministry on the front lines, bringing the food, preaching and praying for the people in the war zones. It’s because of the difference you have already made.

Today I’m asking you to join hands with us to make this miracle a reality. It will cost about $1000 per load to rent a truck, hire a driver, buy the fuel, and pay the other expenses of the trip.

Each truck will carry $50,000 worth of food and supplies. That means your gift today will have a 5000% impact! What an amazing opportunity. I know so many of our wonderful friends and partners have given generously in response to the urgent crisis in Ukraine. I know many have asked for prayer because of the financial difficulties they are having right now.

But I don’t know that you and I will ever have an opportunity to create a greater impact with our gifts than we do right now. This is the opportunity of a lifetime but it has to be seized in the lifetime of the opportunity!

It will cost about $1,000 to rent a truck, hire a driver, and pay for travel expenses…but each truck will bring $50,000 of desperately needed food and supplies (a 5000% return!).

Think about what is said if most people get a 5% return on an investment. They are happy, but if they got a 50% return or a 500% return, they would say, “Its a miracle!” Well, you will be getting a 5000% return on your gift.

Yes, your gift of $1000 will provide 20 tons of food and a gift of $500 will provide 10 tons of food and a gift of $250, 5 tons of food, and a gift of $100, will provide 2 tons of food (4000 pounds), and $50, one ton of food. That’s 2000 pounds of food that will feed around 3000 people. Totally amazing!

The needs in Ukraine aren’t going away…and now God has given us this miracle way to make a huge impact. The people in the far eastern and southern parts of Ukraine, where the fighting is heaviest and where our six City of Refuge storehouses are, can’t go to the store and buy food. Even if the store hasn’t been destroyed in the fighting, there is nothing on the shelves. They can’t turn on a switch and have electricity. The grid has been bombed and power plants destroyed.

The help we’re providing is the difference between life and death. No one else is bringing help into some of these places. The members of our dedicated and courageous team on the ground are risking their lives every day to get the help where it is needed most.

We have a lot going on in our ministry right now, not just in Ukraine, but in Israel and around the world. Your gift will help not just with this relief effort, but with all we are doing. We can’t let this opportunity slip away. I’m asking you to send your gift right away so that we can get the trucks rolling.

The sooner we start, the sooner precious people will have food to eat. Thank you in advance for your generous response. God bless you for caring for “the least of these.”

Your ambassador to Jerusalem,

Dr. Mike Evans

P.S. I remember praying when the war broke out and asking God how we could possibly make a difference. Well, now we know! God has done something truly amazing and unprecedented. He has given us over a million dollars worth of food that we only have to deliver to Ukraine. I want to get those trucks rolling right away, so I’m asking you to rush your gift…and remember that you’re having an impact 5000% greater by being part of this effort.

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