Dear Friend,

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for your support of the Jerusalem Prayer Team. You are making a huge impact on our world as together we fight the spirit war that is raging.

Fifteen months ago, I wrote you and told you what was going on in our fight with Facebook. Since then a lot has happened, but the key issues remain.

Thanks to your prayers and help, Facebook did eventually back down and put the Jerusalem Prayer Team page back up…but they did not allow everyone back who had joined with us. When Facebook shut us down, we had 77,000,000 followers. They removed more than half of them, leaving us with 30,000,000 prayer partners.

In response to complaints they received from the governments of several Muslim nations, Facebook removed all Jerusalem Prayer Team members in those countries. The truth is, we did have huge followings in Muslim countries for two reasons. First, there are many Believers in Muslim countries. Second, we intentionally bought Facebook ads to recruit young Muslims to win over their hearts and minds so they wouldn’t be Jew haters and kill Jews.

So although we haven’t talked about it much recently, the battle continues with Facebook. And I need your help. I know you will understand why we must keep fighting until the battle is won. We are adjusting our battle plan, but we cannot succeed without your prayers and your generous support.

Your offering today will help us win this vital battle…and may the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless you with His favor for your love and care for His Chosen People.

Your ambassador to Jerusalem,
Dr. Mike Evans

P.S. The costs of fighting a giant wealthy corporation like Facebook are staggering, but we MUST win this battle. Please continue to pray for our legal team, and that God will turn the king’s heart toward us. And please stand with us financially—we cannot stop our other work around the world even as we continue the legal battle with Facebook.

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God has placed us on the front lines of the fight for Israel’s future, and we must not fail to do our part to bless and defend His Chosen People. One of the wealthiest companies in the world, Facebook, has decided to silence pro-Israel voices like ours, but we will not yield! With your help, we will fight and win this battle, even as we continue all of our outreaches to bless the poor of the House of Israel. Please be as generous as possible when you send your gift today.