We Must Not Abandon God’s Call

The heartbreaking news that some organizations have stopped their relief efforts in Ukraine is also a challenge to us to do even greater things for God in that war-torn country.  We are committed to continuing to provide and distribute food through our City of Refuge storehouses in the eastern and southern parts of the country where the fighting is heaviest…and to do even more to help the precious people who are struggling to survive from day to day. But the only way we can continue and expand our outreach in Ukraine and keep on delivering food to poor Holocaust survivors in Israel and encouraging Believers around the world to pray, and so much more is with your help.

Your generous gift today will help us respond to these urgent needs!


YES, Dr. Evans, I agree with you that it would be a tragedy to abandon the call of God to help in Ukraine, and I want to do my part. Enclosed is my special gift for the vital work of the Jerusalem Prayer Team in Ukraine, in Israel and all around the world of: