The Threat of a Nuclear Iran Has Never Been Closer to Reality

The most recent reports from Iran are more than troubling…they are terrifying. In fact. we are now being told that Iran could have sufficient material for a nuclear weapon in less than 30 days.

Iran has continued its illegal nuclear weapons program despite all efforts to get them to give it up. They have repeatedly called for Israel to be wiped off the map, and they mean it. This is not an empty threat. It is an expression of a very real desire.

The nation of Iran is in the hands of “twelvers” who follow the teaching that a bloody war will bring back the return of the Twelfth Iman—a twisted version of the Christian doctrine of the Second Coming—and he will place the entire world under submission to Islam.

They do not fear a nuclear holocaust. They welcome it. Many of them actually desire it. And while the world stands by and does nothing, they are getting closer and closer to having enough enriched uranium to make their dreams of nuclear weapons a reality.

Imagine a dirty bomb going off in Tel Aviv…or a nuclear attack on Israel’s military bases…the consequences would be devastating.

But in truth, Iran doesn’t even have to use a nuclear bomb to dramatically change the balance of power in the Middle East, and even the rest of the world. Just the threat of them using such a weapon would allow Iran to greatly strengthen their terrorist allies like Hezbollah and Hamas…and allow them to act with impunity against targets across the region.

Israel must do whatever is necessary to ensure their survival in the face of the threat of a nuclear Iran.

But the impact of a war with Iran would be devastating for Israel. Any preemptive action they are forced to make will be met with a massive response of terrorist forces. In addition to their own weapons, Iran would order the use of the 250,000 rockets and missiles they have given to Hamas and Hezbollah. Death and destruction would rain from the skies. Terrorist attacks on the ground would make it unsafe to go outside.

The economy of Israel would come to a screeching halt. People would be trapped in their homes and in bomb shelters. Families would be shattered by the loss of loved ones. The scope of the disaster is beyond imagining.

The Jerusalem Prayer Team is purchasing emergency supplies right now so we will have them ready if war does come, and make no mistake, the Friends of Zion Center in Jerusalem will be a key hub for relief efforts, just as we have been throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

If we don’t have to use these emergency supplies for response to a war, we will distribute them to poor Holocaust survivors, victims of terrorist attacks, and poor Russian Jews living in the south of the country who are exposed to constant threats and attacks from Gaza.

Your gift today will allow us to do all we can to prepare for a future war and continue our other work all around the world. The Friends of Zion Museum, the program to deliver food to thousands of poor Holocaust survivors each week, the great global prayer effort, and so much more are all made possible by the faithful support of friends like you.

When God looks for men and women to stand in the gap for Israel, He will find us! Will you join me in this great cause today? I’m asking you to sign the prayer commitment below so that I know you are taking your stand in the gap for Israel.

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