The Lord is at work, and you and I are part of His plan

One of the things I’m most excited and encouraged about is the amazing favor God has given us with the Jewish people. As you may know, many Jewish people think Christians hate them. That’s what my mother told me when I was just four years old.
But through our outreaches and efforts together, we have been able to change that on a scale like nothing that has happened before. 
Evangelicals are no longer hated in Israel; instead they are loved and much of that change has come about because of the work that is being done through your Friends of Zion Campus. When I first began coming to Israel, many, many Jewish people believed that Christians hated them and would kill them given the chance. That is a large part of why so many came to Israel…to get away to a safe place.
Now they know the truth! They know that true Christians love and support God’s Chosen People. And it means so much to them. Over and over visitors to the wonderful Friends of Zion Museum say with tears in their eyes, “We are not alone. We have friends.”
Israel is facing grave threats right now. The briefings I received were frankly terrifying. Not all of these threats are military…some of the worst ones don’t involve weapons at all. And that’s what makes the news I’m about to share with you so important. God has given us a wonderful opportunity to defend His Chosen People in a powerful new way.
My dear friend Rabbi Goldstein knows first-hand the threat posed by the use of the Internet and social media by those who hate Israel and the Jewish people.  I’m sure you remember that his synagogue in Poway, California, was attacked by a vicious anti-Semite during Passover in 2019.
He wrote about his experience that “the shooter had posted his hatred and desire to kill Jewish people online…but that there had been no warning. No one alerted us. No one did anything about it. Tragically that story has been repeated over and over, in America, in Europe, and in Asia. The warning signs are there, but there has never been a group dedicated to finding those warnings and doing everything possible to stop these ugly and murderous attacks before they happen.” 
I’m asking you to make your most generous and sacrificial love offering to help us purchase the building in Jerusalem next to the Friends of Zion Center campus so that we can launch this new defense of the nation of Israel and Jewish people around the world. 
We are calling it “Stronger than Hate,” and when you give, we will send you a yarmulke with that saying on it. My friend Rabbi Goldstein designed this yarmulke to unite people, and I want you to have one. It is an ancient custom, going back to the time of David, when he covered his head while fleeing from Absalom’s revolt. 


YES, Dr. Evans, I want to join hands with you and Rabbi Goldstein to help prevent future attacks against Jewish people and harness the power of the Internet and social media for good. My gift for the Jerusalem Prayer Team is:

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